More Power -> More Range -> High Notes

OK, I finally did it. After being asked literally hundreds and hundreds of times. I wrote a practice book just for trumpet range and trumpet high notes. This is in many ways what Don Jacoby had us do to develop range and high notes when I studied with him.

Many people don’t know how to go about practicing to increase trumpet range.

This shows you what to do and how much to do.

There are exercises and instructions that cover from Low F# to F over Double High C.

I have seen good players get tired on the first 2 pages and rest before going on. (These stop at high C but are written in an interesting way.)

The exercises are progressive and push you in a way that also develops accuracy.

29 pages of exercises and directions that will wear you OUT. They help make your range and high notes powerful and seamless.
These follow my thoughts on Lip Setpoint and maintaining ONE embouchure set and are written to help establish that habit.

What if I can only play a high C or C# you may ask?
You play what you can and keep moving (in tempo).

Play the C# and the D even if you miss the D (just don’t push for it).
The Eb E F… play them as far as you can.

This keeps you moving higher even if you miss the last note.
Try an F arpeggio and miss the F; you still played the C.
Try a G and miss the G you still played a D.

See trying further down the exercise than you think you can play – makes you play and try MORE high notes.

The point is to work on harder stuff and keep going.

This is 28 pages of mind-changing ideas and music to expand your range.

More Power -> More Range -> High Notes



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More Power -> More Range -> High Notes
More Power -> More Range -> High Notes