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I operate my shop via E-commerce which means that you can pay via credit card (Master, Visa etc.) or with PayPal. Simple and secure.

Shop prices

All shop product prices in US dollars.

Purchased a lessons with Pops?

Once you have paid for your lesson please contact me to arrange a date and time. See my contacts page for details.

Purchase an eBook, Video or Audio course?

You will do a download from this site right after payment. If you have any problems send us an email. They are checked every night and we will make it right for you.

Problem with eBook links?

If you discover any links in the eBooks not working please contact me directly so I can investigate the issue.

Technical eBook information:

My eBooks are all in PDF format – of the eBooks and have links to videos in .wmv and mp4 formats. These formats should open on all modern computers and mobile devices. However downloading to a PC or Mac will allow you to use free media software to view the videos and hear any audio files.

You can test your setup by downloading this small .wmv file

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