4 Weekly 30 Min Trumpet Lessons

I have given lessons by web cam and phone to trumpet players all over the world. These weekly lessons give you the chance to transform your playing. We will work on new ways to play that can unlock your sound, endurance and range.

How to arrange your lesson:
Purchase the lesson and then we can arrange a time that is suitable via email or phone.
I prefer to use Skype for lessons. So create a free Skype account and then test your settings (video and audio) before the lesson.

Pay 225 for 4 weekly 30 Min lessons

Some accomplishments that set me apart from others:
I am world famous for teaching and have been mentioned in magazines and books written by other teachers.
I have helped players to become full-time Professional Players.
I am the first person to ever write about The Aperture Tunnel (TM).
I am the first to both explain and give musical exercises to learn about Lip Setpoint (TM).
I am the first to write about different embouchure systems as a 3-D model (Farkas, Maggio, Overlap, Stevens, Superchops, TCE.)
I am the first to write about the 4 Trumpet Octave Keys (TM) relaxing enough so that mouthpiece seal raises pitch an octave, Air stream Focus (TM), Air Kicks (support), and correct lip compression; which are used by pro players but almost no hobby players use them.
I have written about which facial muscles to use and which ones hinder playing. This enables you to play and be relaxed, when you stop the facial tug of war.
I wrote about and connected the SS or hiss to tongue arch and wrote about how arch relates to anchor tonguing.
I created a new way to hold the trumpet that helps to reduce mouthpiece pressure.
I developed a new way to reduce facial tension in ONE day.
I did the 1st rewrite of music to The Arban Book in 150 years and brought the techniques into the 21st Century.
I am the 1st person to do a Thermal Imaging study of people while they were playing trumpet.
I am the 1st to do a study on resonance and spectral analysis of the entire Trumpet Family, Flugel, cornet, Bb, C, Eb, Picc and on how embouchure tension relates to resonance.

People can improve all of their life. Keith Fiala has toured with Maynard Ferguson and yet he was here again (Sept 2012). He learned something too.

As we progress then there are more options available for us to progress even farther. Buy your lesson today! Pay 225 for 4 weekly 30 Min lessons
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