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I have been featured in articles in “The International Trumpet Guild Journal”, “Wind Player Magazine”, and “Overture” an American Federation of Musicians publication. I have been mentioned in over a dozen books written by other trumpet teachers, in trumpet clinics, dissertations, trumpet forums, magazines, trumpet web sites and even you-tube videos posted by other trumpet teachers. Learn online trumpet courses, online trumpet lessons at bbtrumpet.

In the last 47 years, I have helped thousands of trumpet players of all different levels and abilities from High School, College, Comeback Players and Working Professionals like Herb Alpert. Herb had a 12 year layoff before he came to me. Herb has released 9 CDs and done countless live shows since I gave him trumpet lessons. Keith Fiala toured with Maynard Ferguson and has done 3 CDs after I gave him trumpet lessons.

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Clint Pops Mclaughlin : American Trumpet Player

There are 4 things that act like mini octave keys for trumpet players. Sadly most players use the wrong physical action in the wrong register and it doesn’t work. I can help you with that.

The Clint ‘Pops’ McLaughlin Trumpet Foundation Page has 7400 pages of free trumpet music for you to learn and practice from. View Detals

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So far I have published: 4188 pages in my books (most of it musical exercises and etudes), 13 hours of instructional video, 6 hours of instructional audio and 5 subliminal tapes.

I have had endorsements from over 200 full time trumpet playing professionals and college trumpet professors. Including: Herb Alpert, Darryl Bayer, Eric Bolvin, Bill Churchville, Kiku Collins, Mark Curry, Keith Fiala, Mic Gillette, George Graham, Jeff Helgesen, David Hickman, Bill Knevitt, Roddy Lewis, Jim Manley, Rex Merriweather, Leon Merian, Flip Oakes, Jeanne G Pocius, Matt von Rodderick, Eddie Severn, Andrea Tofanelli, James R. West and many many more.

Double tonguing all two or three octave scales or playing a nice double C or higher no longer has to be a challenging task. By following and practicing the tips and tricks of Pops McLaughlin’s efficiently designed trumpet courses, you can do all these techniques with relative ease like never before.. A musician never misses a chance to be musical, and in the same way, a student never misses a chance to take advantage of learning opportunities..

Expert Trumpet Teacher

I am Clint Pops McLaughlin. I have been teaching for 47 years. I have written over 30 books. For more about me click box

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Get to learn from videos of Pops teaching real students during real trumpet lessons. Buy all types of trumpet courses video online.

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Take a Trumpet lesson in person or on Skype with Pops.

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Get access to the top e-books on trumpet playing penned by Pops McLaughlin. Download online trumpet ebooks

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Learn trumpet playing hand in hand with Pops. Best online trumpet courses, online trumpet lessons in texas

Learning trumpet is made easier with Pops McLaughlin’s beautifully and structurally designed masterclasses. If you are looking for the best trumpet lessons in texas and world wide, then you have luckily arrived at the right place. Learn from an expert who has been teaching trumpet playing for more than 47 years and has produced thousands of magnificent trumpet players over the years and is still counting. Whether you want to see yourself as a professional trumpet player or just want to please yourself by playing it in your leisure time, I am there to hold your hand until you meet your goals and exceed them.

Be flexible with your learning. Avail yourself of my wide range of online trumpet lessons like video lessons, audio lessons, audio recordings of my students, video footage of my students, live online lectures, a huge collection of ebooks, and a lot more. And if you are one of those who believes in learning in person, join my physical classes. There I will be teaching you in person and guiding you with customized tips and tricks to learn faster and improve your playing faster. Music is all about connecting the three aspects of your playing, i.e., a resonant sound, rhythm, and musical interpretation. Register now to build the right connection and be a part of my ever-growing musical family.

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In my extensive range of trumpet classes, you will get complete coverage of trumpet lessons. From basics to advanced, we cover it all. From teaching young students to hold a trumpet to playing a resonant vibrant sound to efficiently playing it with mastery in front of hundreds of people in the audience, I will teach you everything. No need to be in doubt about your skills, become confident and get a tight hold on all of the trumpet playing skills and techniques needed to be a great player. Buy all types of trumpet lessons, trumpet courses, trumpet videos, trumpet ebooks from bbtrumpet.

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It’s time to stop struggling and play trumpet like a professional. Gain expertise in Embouchure, High Range, Power, Sound, and Endurance by learning from a broad range of trumpet lesson categories. Go beyond your boundaries and learn to play like a pro and win the hearts of everyone who listens to you. Want to hire trumpet teacherClick here

Whether it’s Classical, Country, Blues, or Jazz, the Trumpet fits into every genre. The unique and resonant sound of the instrument is the heartbeat of music. See yourself playing it in front of a huge enthusiastic audience and getting endless applause. It’s time to register yourself for the course.

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