I asked some of the best of the best for their ideas about trumpet embouchures.

In this 244 page Ebook are the thoughts of over 70 Trumpet pros:

  • 20 of them are Authors of over 72 trumpet books with 3 others currently writing books
  • College trumpet professors and noted teachers
  • Pro players who have recorded over 3,500 movie, tv and cartoon soundtracks
  • Embouchure clinicians
  • 2 ITG presidents
  • ITG board members past and present
  • Mouthpiece and trumpet designers and makers

I chose these people because I know what they have to offer. They are top students of Legendary trumpet teachers like Adam, Broiles, Caruso, Cichowicz, Gordon, Herseth, Jacobs, Jacoby, Maggio, Mendez, Reinhardt, Schilke, Stevens and Vacchiano.

Many have become world renown teachers in their own right. Plus of course world class players in all areas of playing including hundreds of years combined experience in world class Symphonies, over a thousand years of combined experience in The Big Bands of Armstrong, Basie, Dorsey, Ellington, Ferguson, Gillespie, Goodman, Herman, James, Kenton, Mingus, Rich, Terry and Welk. Years of multi show nights in Las Vegas, thousands of movie, TV and cartoon recordings. Included are authors of method books, horn designers, mouthpiece designers, ITG Presidents (more than 1), College Professors, inventors and innovators. In short these people have been there and done it all.

You’ve ALWAYS wondered what these people REALLY thought about trumpet embouchures. Now you can find out. This may be the most exciting book you ever read.

“Congratulations to Clint McLaughlin for this informative collection of professional opinions.
“The Pros Talk Embouchure” is a helpful tool for better understanding both the differences and the common ground relating to the embouchure. It will hopefully lead to further candid discussions about this vital aspect of trumpet/brass performance.

ITG Journal June 2004

Your book is just fantastic and thank you for inviting me to offer up some of my thoughts on the subject.
It is an interesting book regardless of anyone’s bias.
Whatever one believes already can be found in this edition to verify that he is correct in his analysis.
On the other hand for those who are still searching and do not have their mind made up already it has something that is bound to work for them.
Congratulations on a job well done.

John Haynie: Author of How to Play High Notes, Low Notes and All Those In Between, Professor Emeritus University of North Texas 1950-1990

Hi Clint…
Thank you so much for the copy of the embouchure book…
It is absolutely wonderful!!!
May be the most complete book on embouchure ever compiled…
You have done trumpet players a wonderful service!
Best wishes…

Bill Knevitt: Author of several trumpet method books including The Truth About How To Play Double High C On Trumpet.


Trumpet players who contributed to this book:
  • Rune Aleksandersen
  • Lynn Asper: Author, A Physical Approach to Playing the Trumpet
  • Paul Ayick
  • Rick Baptist: 850 motion picture soundtracks, 1000 cartoons
  • John Bennett: 33 years in Vegas. Over 20,000 Shows
  • Seneca Black: Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra;
  • Eric Bolvin:
  • Girard Giz Bowe: From a students point of view.
  • Joseph Bowman: The University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Jim Buckner: Henderson State University;
  • Sam Burtis: Author of ‘The American Trombone’
  • Barbara Butler: Northwestern University
  • Kevin Cearley
  • David Champouillon: East Tennessee State University
  • Kevin Cobb: American Brass Quintet
  • Mark Curry: Curry Precision Mouthpieces
  • John Daniel: Lawrence University
  • Charles Decker: Tennessee Technological University
  • Art Depew
  • Vince DiMartino: President of The International Trumpet Guild 2002
  • Nick Drozdoff
  • Jon Faddis: Purchase College
  • Mic Gillette
  • George Graham
  • Matt Graves: Author of Fundamental Flexibility Studies
  • Mario Guarneri: 300 television and motion picture soundtracks; Inventor of the Berp.
  • Nick Hansinger: Assistant Personnel Manager, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • John J. Haynie: Author of “How to Play High Notes, Low Notes and All Those In Between” Professor Emeritus University of North Texas 1950-1990
  • Clyde Hunt: Author of ‘Sail The Seven C’s’ ; Many CDs of trumpet Methods like Brandt or Schlossberg;
  • Walt Johnson: Author of ‘Double High C in Ten Minutes’
  • Bill Knevitt: Author of several Trumpet books
  • John LaBarbera: University of Louisville
  • Lucinda Lewis: New Jersey Symphony
  • Roddy Lewis: 12 years in the West End in London
  • Tommy Loy: 22 years playing National Anthem for Dallas Cowboys
  • John Lynch: Author of “A New Approach to Altissimo Trumpet Playing.” Inventor of the “Asymmetric mouthpiece
  • Jim Manley
  • Gordon Mathie: Author of ‘The Trumpet Teacher’s Guide’ & ‘Drudgeries’ (Routines for advanced wind players); Professor Emeritus, Crane School of Music
  • Leon Merian: Author of ‘Trumpet Isometrics’; ‘The Man Behind the Horn’; Jet-tone personal mouthpieces
  • Rex Merriweather: CD “Chased”
  • John Mohan: 1st trumpet of Musicals in Germany
  • Gary Mortenson: Kansas State University, Publications Editor, International Trumpet Guild
  • Dennis Najoom: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; Leadpipes and mouthpieces
  • Vaughn Nark: 20 years with Airmen of Note
  • Dennis Noday: Kenton, Ferguson and Rich; Author of ,”Dennis Noday’s High Velocity Trumpet Playing
  • Flip Oakes: Wild Thing Trumpets
  • Jim Olcott: Miami University, ITG past president
  • Jeanne G Pocius: Teacher, Player and embouchure clinician
  • J. Timothy Priddy: Navy band, Teacher, arranger, player
  • Rick Rangno: The Central Band of the Canadian Forces in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Charly Raymond:; Moderator on the Trumpet Herald Caruso forum.
  • Chase Sanborn: Author of ‘Brass Tactics’, ‘Brass Tactics Companion’ & ‘Jazz Tactics’; mouthpieces
  • Arturo Sandoval: twelve Grammy nominations;
  • Carl Saunders
  • Jay Saunders: UNT
  • Eddie Severn: Author “Trumpet Solutions”
  • Matt Shulman: Trumpeter, Composer, Inventor of the Shulman System for Brass
  • Bill Siegfried: Teacher and player; “Virginia Grand Military Band”
  • Karl Sievers: OU School of Music, Principal Trumpet Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Board of Directors International Trumpet Guild
  • Richard Smith
  • Dave Stahl
  • Marvin Stamm: Stan Kenton and Woody Herman bands
  • Al Stewart: Benny Goodman and Woody Herman bands
  • Michael Stewart: Author of “Courting the Upper Register”
  • Andrea Tofanelli
  • Jon Trimble: Bobby Vinton, Wayne Newton, Branson Belle.
  • Ole Utnes
  • Mike Vax
  • Robert Weast: Professor emeritus Drake University; Author of “Keys to Natural Performance” and “Trumpet Players, Principles, Quotes and Commentary of Trumpet Players and Pedagogues From 1584 to the Present“.
  • Rich Willey: Author of ‘I’d Rather Be Boppin’ 24 Bop Duets Vols. 1, 2 & 3, Dixie Duets
  • Keith Wood: Anita Bryant, Shoji Tabuchi.
  • John L. Worley, Jr.: San Francisco State University



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