Curry Trumpet Mouthpieces

Mark Curry Mouthpieces

Mark Curry does several things very well. He has a line of mouthpieces based on Bach rims and diameters. These are very accurate and every diameter is available in several depths. All of the different depths have the same rim. (What a concept.) So you can have your Bach 1, 3 whatever with the very deep cup, deep cup, medium cup, medium shallow cup and shallow cup.

Mark also has a line of commercial mouthpieces with a softer bite on the rim in shallow and medium cups. These are in all sizes from .600 – .690

Mark also duplicates old mouthpieces etc.

You have not lived until you play one of his flugel mouthpieces. The sound is like butter. He has REAL cornet pieces too.

Mark is not only a great craftsman he is a player. A real plus. Mark played lead for Woody Herman, and Ray Charles for years.

Mark was in my house for a lesson not too long ago. He is a nice guy and understands what trumpet players go through.

Oh yeah, Flip Oakes let Mark Curry design and make the Wild Thing line of mouthpieces.

Mark Curry Mouthpieces.


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