Why can I help you? Well my marriage was on the rocks, my wife hated me and we learned how to fix it. It was a long journey but we learned a lot. We learned how and why people fall in and out of love and we learned that it doesn’t have to be an accident. You can work and create love. We did exactly that and we are still married and stronger than ever.

We all start relationships wanting to be happy; but many things get in the way and over time things get sour.

What is love?
Many people have trouble with this. It isn’t just feeling good when someone is near you. It is also wanting to take care of them, make them happy, accept them for who and what they are.

How do people fall in love?
Love is a strange thing. It starts without us knowing it. Someone meets some of our needs and we build a slight affection for them. They meet more of our needs and the feeling grows. Before we know it there is love. This accidental action happens to single AND married people.

How do people fall out of love?
Love releases chemicals that make us happy. This chemical part of love last 12-36 months. Then actions and meeting needs takes over again. If we get busy or lazy and stop meeting the needs of our mate they fall out of love.

What are some ways to turn the problems around?
Start talking again, spend time together, do things for each other, GIVE to each other. Do something every day to make each others life better.

What if only one of us wants to try? (In most cases of Adultery only one partner really wants to try but many marriages are still saved.) My own marriage was saved from this and we are still married today.
Do the things I mentioned and expect nothing in return. Just keep doing them. Slowly you will rebuild like and then love.

Unlike most books on this topic my marriage was on the brink. Adultery, lies, hatefulness, disregard for BOTH partners by both partners….
However; we made it back; fell in love again and are better than we ever were.


This 7 dollar Ebook will give you everything you need to put things back on track.


Stop moping around wishing you were a couple again and BE a couple again.

Most of the books you see on this topic cost 39, 59…99. People will pay anything to save their marriage and some take advantage of that.

We want to SAVE Marriages and Relationships.

The reason you want help from us instead of a counselor or lawyer is because most of society is set up to break marriages. WE can fix them even if the issue was Adultery.
They will take the easy way out and run from the problems. That might feel good but it sets you up to fail in the next relationship and the one after that…

Learn why your relationship is in trouble and how to never get that way again

Save Your Marriage Ebook only 7 dollars.

These things are covered in this Ebook.




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