This is a complete embouchure change shown on this video.
The student goes from a more open aperture embouchure to a Lip Curl Embouchure like the Stevens.

It features Eugene Rountree III and me (Clint ‘Pops’ McLaughlin)..

These clips are from REAL lessons.
You hear and see the playing problem
and I walk them through a new technique and then you hear and see the new result.

The clips in the multimedia book have NOT been edited so you see what works, when and how it works.

I learned the Stevens when I was in High School. My teacher had 80+ lessons from Roy Stevens.

I take Gene through a modified version That I have taught for 20+ years.

I teach them how to make curl and let them get a feel for how to set and relax.

Then I start using the curl and a lip buzz. The buzz is so that they can learn a repeatable set faster. Once we find the note that they buzz with the right amount of curl for them; then they can always find the set.

Then we have to learn control.

This shows you how to do those things. It has 40 minutes of video instruction and 9 pages of text instruction. All for 25 dollars.

Because it is downloaded and because not everyone has broadband; I made the videos low resolution. Here are 2 examples.

1st review.
I just finished watching it and reading all of the text. This is pretty damn amazing. I haven’t played much lately from work and will be starting to more so this is going to help me! The last clips were pretty sweet too. You may have outdone yourself on this one. I think that it is well put together as I can see and hear the quality improve throughout the book. Watching this makes me want to come down some time for a week of intense training.



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Lip curl embouchure: The Stevens or Costello embouchures