Part 5 – Practice, Pressure and Range

This is part 5 of my complete trumpet video course series.

It features Andrea Tofanelli, Keith Wood, Rex Merriweather, Keith Fiala and Greg Kuehn.

This Multi-Media work is the best trumpet course I have ever seen. I started this project 6 years before I finished it. (A few of the clips are from 2004 and the latest clips are from 2010) I kept changing things to make the ideas easier to learn.

These clips are from REAL lessons.
You hear and see the playing problem
and I walk them through a new technique and then you hear and see the new result.

The clips in the multimedia book have NOT been edited so you see what works, when and how it works.

Part 5 covers:
  • Practice
  • Pencil exercise
  • Mouthpiece pressure
  • Sound models
  • Mental problems concerning range
  • How to tear down your brick wall

This covers a lot of things that every player wonders about. Every want to reduce pressure but wondered how? Or wanted to change your sound but couldn’t?

This shows you how to do those things. It has 53 minutes of video instruction and 4 pages of text instruction.



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Be your own teacher: Part 5 – Practice, pressure and range