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I have given lessons by web cam and phone to trumpet players all over the world. I have taken comeback players and helped them become full time pro players. I have students that played in Major Symphonies around the world, on TV shows and movie sound tracks.

I have put together a certain order to approach playing issues that works very well. I have my own special techniques and my own playing exercises that work on these issues.

I have also found that by giving multiple lessons, the student learns at a faster pace.

In college you have weekly lessons with your teacher as a part of a music degree program. For those people still in school a 1 time lesson with another instructor makes sense.

For people out of school it makes sense to do regular weekly lessons. Schools do it because it works.

The reason I want to do multiple lessons is because there is only so far a person can adjust and change in a setting.
Teaching over an extended period gives you time to work on each thing we change. 1 thing at a time.

That allows each lesson to set in before the next one starts.

A lesson gives you a map but it is HARD to get there by yourself.
A series of weekly lessons, give you a map, and a guide, and weekly tips, and course alignments, and 4 times as much instruction. Plus after a week you can move farther. After 2 weeks...

Do you need 1, 2, 3, 4 months?
People have different goals and are starting at a different place.
Some will be happy where they are after a month.
They may have had a tonguing issue, or a tone quality issue and it is great after a month

Others will be happy but still have a desire to go farther.
They may want more range. Reducing pressure, tension and building strength for compression takes a little time.

While you are taking the course, I also will send a pdf with your practice music in it. So you get both what to practice and HOW to practice and these are fine tuned to how you played in the lesson.

Look at the clips below. Keith Fiala and Rex Merriweather went through several months of work.

People can improve all of their life. Keith Fiala has toured with Maynard Ferguson and yet he was here recently. He learned something too.

1 Month of Lessons 200. (A 30 minute lesson every week for 4 weeks).

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1 Month of Lessons 360. (A 1 hour lesson every week for 4 weeks).

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As we progress then there are more options available for us to progress even farther.

I sometimes have people say "Pops you charge more than my local teacher."

Yes but there is a big difference.
1.) I am world famous for teaching and have been mentioned in magazines and books written by other teachers.
2.) I have helped players to become full-time Professional Players.
3.) I am the first person to ever write about The Aperture Tunnel (TM).
4.) I am the first to both explain and give musical exercises to learn about Lip Setpoint (TM).
5.) I am the first to write about different embouchure systems as a 3-D model (Farkas, Maggio, Overlap, Stevens, Superchops, TCE.)
6.) I am the first to write about the 4 Trumpet Octave Keys (TM) relaxing enough so that mouthpiece seal raises pitch an octave, Air stream Focus (TM), Air Kicks (support), and correct lip compression; which are used by pro players but almost no hobby players use them.
7.) I have written about which facial muscles to use and which ones hinder playing. This enables you to play and be relaxed, when you stop the facial tug of war.
8.) I wrote about and connected the SS or hiss to tongue arch and wrote about how arch relates to anchor tonguing.
9.) I created a new way to hold the trumpet that helps to reduce mouthpiece pressure.
10.) I developed a new way to reduce facial tension in ONE day.
11.) I did the 1st rewrite of music to The Arban Book in 150 years and brought the techniques into the 21st Century.
12.) I am the 1st person to do a Thermal Imaging study of people while they were playing trumpet.
13.) I am the 1st to do a study on resonance and spectral analysis of the entire Trumpet Family, Flugel, cornet, Bb, C, Eb, Picc and on how embouchure tension relates to resonance.

You have a choice.
You can take lessons from the man that discovered, perfected and has taught these concepts to thousands, including pro players, or you can take lessons from somebody who may or may not have even read about those ideas. The difference is BIG.

Here are some examples.
A teacher from CA took a half day lesson on tongue arch from me and then wrote a book about it.
David Hickman (the 1st International Trumpet Guild President) put me and quotes from my books in his book "Trumpet Pedagogy" 14 times.

Why me? You don't know me and want some proof of who I am.
Some teachers have references like JB in New York, which seem shady. One teacher even gave himself a fake award on one of his own websites.

I have had "testimonials" from:
31 Authors who have written a combined 108 trumpet books (music, exercise, embouchure, history...);
61 college trumpet professors and noted teachers;
58 pro players who have recorded over 4,500 movie, tv and cartoon soundtracks;
9 trumpet embouchure clinicians;
3 International Trumpet Guild presidents;
12 International Trumpet Guild board members past and present;
8 mouthpiece and trumpet designers and makers.
I have been featured in articles in The International Trumpet Guild Journal, Wind Player Magazine and Overture an American Federation of Musicians publication. I have been mentioned in over a dozen books written by other trumpet teachers, in clinics, dissertations, forums, magazines, web sites and even you-tube videos posted by other teachers.

My references come from real players that you have heard of.
I met "POPS" on the Internet and he helped me through some frustrating problems that I was struggling with on the horn.
Herb Alpert
Pops is one cool trumpet teacher. Here I am, a long time student of Claude Gordon and what's my problem?? Tongue levels!! Pops diagnosed me right away and helped me out tremendously in a short time. Thanks!!~
Eric Bolvin
Hey Pops, keep up the good work. Even us "old pros" need a little help every now and then. I check in with your site regularly. Thanks.
Bill Churchville
Pops: I'm so glad I got your books - some great stuff in there for every trumpet player!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Kiku Collins
Many, many thanks to you and your knowledge of the trumpet and the embouchure. It has helped me immeasurably since my lesson with you!
Mark Curry
Pops: You have single-handedly given me the confidence and the ability to meet - EXCEED my wildest dreams. When I first came to you I never would have believed I would tour with Maynard Ferguson!!!
Keith Fiala
"Clint McLaughlin is one of the leading experts on embouchure. His books discuss many of the embouchures used by leading trumpet players. I consider his publications excellent resources!"
David Hickman
It was only after reading/playing your books, did I get the range thing!
Roddy Lewis
Check out Pop's trumpet books. This guy knows what he is talking about and can write it!!!! Thanks for all your intelligent advice.
Jim Manley
I think you're doing a great service for the brass community. I once heard that the art of teaching is in finding out how to explain the same thing in different ways to have it hit home for each individual student.
Matt von Roderick
You have said two things which have really helped me and have brought about an instant improvement in my trumpet playing. It's all 20% easier! So thanks again for your positive contribution to the brass world.
Eddie Severn
I have also been in the ITG Journal multiple times and written about in several books.
Article by 'Pops' in The ITG Youth Journal: Jan. 2008.
Article by 'Pops' in The International Trumpet Guild Journal: March 2010.
Book review of Trumpet FAQs by Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin, in the ITG Journal: Jan 2002.
Book review of The Pros Talk Embouchure by Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin, in the ITG Journal: June 2004.
Article about 'Pops' in Overture Magazine AFM LA,CA: May 2001.
Article by 'Pops' in Windplayer Magazine issue #64.
Bolvin, Eric (2007) "Tongue Level and Air", Faded Duck Publishing.
Harnum, Jonathan (2006) "Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn". Sol-Ut Press.
Hickman, David (2006). "Trumpet Pedagogy: A Compendium of Modern Teaching Techniques", Hickman Music Editions.
Hickman, David (due in 2013). "Trumpet Greats", Hickman Music Editions.
Lewis, Roddy (2003). Embouchure Enhancement
Pocius, Jeanne, G (2007). "Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance", Outskirts Press.
I also run a free Trumpet Ezine where many Pros participate.

1 Month of Lessons 200. (A 30 minute lesson every week for 4 weeks).

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1 Month of Lessons 360. (A 1 hour lesson every week for 4 weeks).

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I get asked all of the time if high notes can center or sound fleshed out.... So here is a clip of Me playing part of the Hummel up 2 octaves. I start on F over High C and end on A over Double C (that's 2 notes from Triple C). It is up to you to decide if they are real notes or not.

Andrea Tofanelli & Greg Kuehn playing a little duet. Andrea is a STAR in Europe and will be here. Greg was a Vegas pro who is now playing in New Mexico.

Rex Merriweather. Rex is in LA and has done Club, Studio, TV and Movie work.

My Trumpet Books

Anne King. Anne is another LA musician. She has had many TV appearances and done tours with Guns and Roses, Don Henley, Ray Charles...

Keith Fiala. Keith did a couple of tours with Maynard Ferguson and he is now playing in Austin Texas with a group call Memphis Train Revue.

2 video clips of Keith Wood at the end of an all day a lesson with me.

Short lick and how he feels with the new set.

Arpeggio Low G up to Double D and down to Pedal D.

Unbelievable trumpet lesson, man!
Clint is a long-range thinker. He told me that he had a plan from our first lesson together, but it had to be in stages. First, he had to get my belly button (breathing) to work right. Then, straighten out my tongue arch. (and how he used compression) And finally, relax my facial tension.
If he had told me the whole plan, I would've wanted to rush things, just like a college kid.

Relaxed feel, dude!
It has truly changed my entire musical life.
God bless,

Audio of why all players learn to be tense and how to stop.
Video clip of the loose buzzing that started the day off.

I met "POPS" on the Internet and he helped me through some frustrating problems that I was struggling with on the horn.......
Thanks Pops..................
Herb Alpert

It was a pleasure to work with you Herb and I LOVE the Remix CD Whipped Cream and Other Delights: Re-Whipped that you recorded during our relationship. You continue to be an inspiration to all brass players.
In the last 40 years, I have helped thousands of trumpet players to enjoy playing again. I have also helped comeback players to become full time professional trumpet players. One such comeback player was Herb Alpert who had a 12 year layoff. Herb has released 8 CDs and done countless live shows since I worked with him in 2005.

Please email me and we can set a time for me to call you if you are in the United States.
If you are over seas then you must make the phone call or do a Skype web lesson.


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