Take an online trumpet lesson and learn to play trumpet effortlessly.

Take a trumpet lesson and learn to play trumpet effortlessly.

YOU are here to improve your trumpet playing.
I started teaching in 1974. In 1995 I started writing trumpet books. For over 40 years I have been helping trumpet players and teachers to play trumpet easier.

Most players have a misunderstanding of how physical actions work for each register. They use the wrong physical action in the wrong register and it doesn't work. They don't know what to change, when to change, or how to change their actions.
The reason this happens is that trumpet mechanics are not taught in school. A person can get a BM, MM, DMA in Trumpet and never take 1 course on brass embouchures.
So when the teachers and pros have problems, they come to see me.

YOU want a trumpet teacher that is respected by other trumpet teachers.
I have been featured in articles in The International Trumpet Guild Journal, Wind Player Magazine and Overture an American Federation of Musicians publication. I have been mentioned in over a dozen books written by other trumpet teachers, in clinics, dissertations, forums, magazines, web sites and even you-tube videos posted by other teachers. I have given lessons to and gotten testimonials from ITG Officers, College Trumpet Professors, Authors of Trumpet Books and Pro Players. Go here for more info about me.

YOU want to be a successful trumpet player.
There are over 100 testimonials from professional trumpet teachers and playing trumpet pros on my testimonial page. They gave them to me because my trumpet books and trumpet lessons work. I have helped thousands of trumpet players to enjoy playing again. I have also helped players and comeback players to become full time professional trumpet players.

Here is one such player:
Pops: You have single-handedly given me the confidence and the ability to meet - EXCEED my wildest dreams. When I first came to you I never would have believed I would tour with Maynard Ferguson!!! - thanks Pops - Keith Fiala

New Video EBook. Mouthpieces: What will it sound like? Mouthpiece charts are horrible at helping you decide about a new mouthpiece. This 10 page EBook has 2 hours and 20 minutes of people playing different mouthpiece depths, sizes, throats, mega sleeves... I played 7 different depths and 4 pieces with and without a mega sleeve for the videos. (I played that many just to show how much difference each depth made. In real life I would maybe use 2.)

The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys. New book that teaches you 4 things that most players do NOT do that can easily be Octave keys for us.

Thermal Imaging Study of Trumpet Players.

For the New Year 2014, I have lowered the price on 9 books and videos by at least 20%.

I just got this note from Jim Manley who bought my Tension-Less Playing EBook a few days ago. He mentions only the didgeridoo part but there are several steps outlined in the book to get to the result he talks about.

This whole didgeridoo thing had me intrigued. So I ordered one and to my surprise, I couldn't get a note (drone) out the thing for the first 1/2 hour.
Geez - here I am thinking I am playing so relaxed.
I can drone now and of course when I pick up the trumpet the sound is much fatter and more vibrant. It will take some practice - but thanks - a real eye opener for me. I will certainly recommend the ebook to guys.
Thanks again
Jim Manley
PS - The New Arban's book is a b*itch!

Tension-Less Playing. New book that teaches you HOW to relax and stop fighting your face and your trumpet so that you can double your endurance.

The New Expanded Range Arban Ebook by Pops.
New 954 page Arban based Ebook. I took most of The Arban Book and wrote some new stuff and did each exercise in many keys so the range extends up an octave higher than in the Old Arban Book.

The New Expanded Clarke Technical Studies. Clarke etudes are too high for middle school players and too low for advanced players. I put the studies and etudes in multiple keys so that you could concentrate on the register that YOU need to work.

Ask a question. At some point we have all had questions. Often we just can't ask our teachers. I've been there. I'll answer your questions. Simple inexpensive $10 for my undivided attention.

Video showing The New Expanded Range Arban Ebook by Pops and how to use it.

Where do you start?
Look at the deals, books or videos on the menu to the left.
I have several packages, plus any of my books and videos can be bought individually.
I have books on trumpet embouchure, trumpet practice books for building trumpet range and long term practice routines that jolt you toward progress.
or personal Skype trumpet lessons starting at $ 35.

I answer Trumpet questions on my Facebook page at: Facebook Trumpet Lessons.

BbTrumpet News: An Online Trumpet Magazine. Always free to advertise and read.
Free Trumpet Ezine.

60 Movie Clips of me and my students.

Videos for Mobile Devices.

30 Sound Clips of my Trumpet Students.

Audio Files for Mobile Devices.

I am pleased and honored to have my trumpet books, ideas and trumpet teaching mentioned and quoted and to have this site listed in the TOP 10 Trumpet sites in these books:
"Tongue Level & Air" by Eric Bolvin
"Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn" by Jonathan Harnum
"Trumpet Greats" by David Hickman
"Trumpet Pedagogy" by David Hickman
"Embouchure Enhancement" books by Roddy Lewis
"Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance" by Jeanne, G Pocius

I have had testimonials from:
28 Authors of over 94 trumpet books;
61 college trumpet professors and noted teachers;
58 pro players who have recorded over 3,900 movie, tv and cartoon soundtracks;
9 trumpet embouchure clinicians;
3 Trumpet Guild presidents;
12 Trumpet Guild board members past and present;
8 mouthpiece and trumpet designers and makers.

Pops trumpet lessons help trumpet players learn to play trumpet effortlessly.

'Pops' (Clint McLaughlin)
Pops Trumpet Lessons help you become a pro player.
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