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14 Trumpet books (1300+ pages, 3 hours of video) E books, and a 1 hour lesson with Pops

  • 30 minutes a day to better playing
  • How the chops work (A picture guide)
  • Chops builder (The pencil exercise)
  • The Pros talk embouchure
  • The no nonsense trumpet from A-Z
  • Trumpet FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions
  • Air on the Move
  • Tongue Arch & Aperture Tunnel
  • Tension-Less Playing
  • The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys
  • Trumpet Range Pyramid
  • Play The Trumpet Don’t Play With It
  • New Expanded Range Clarke Book
  • High Gear Low Gear

$ 200

14 books and a 1 hour lesson

Trumpet lessons buy 2 get 1 free

1/2 hour lessons 3 for 2

$ 150

3 half hour lessons

1 hour lessons 3 for 2

$ 300

3 hour long lessons

The New Arban eBook free here

New Arban book FREE

This New Arban Ebook is 985 pages. 964 pages are music. Below you see a few pages from it. It shows the 1st and last page of that 1 exercise. I show all keys of 1 exercise and a few samples of my new expanded exercises. The book includes all of the steps between those 2 extremes. You get LOTS of music to work on your range.The Arban book has been the mainstay of Trumpet practice for well over 100 years. However; no revisions have ever been made to the exercises in it.
The range in the Arban book was stuck at the top of the staff; with a few limited High Cs included. For example there were 16 exercises for the C scale. Only 1 of the 16 had a high C in it. The majority of exercises were written for what is now a middle school range.