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Causes of trumpet problems

Posted on November 9, 2017 by 

In my books I list all of the possible causes.

Poor Attacks on Trumpet
  • mouthpiece too small or shallow
  • wrong syllable for tonguing
  • lips too tight
Weak Stuffy Trumpet Tone
  • too little air used
  • too much pressure
  • closed throat
Bright Shrill Trumpet Tone
  • Mouthpiece too shallow
  • Bad concept of tone
  • Too tight
Dull Lifeless Trumpet Tone
  • Mouthpiece too deep
  • No tongue arch
  • Wrong concept of tone
Forced Trumpet Sound
  • Lips too tight
  • Too much mouthpiece pressure
  • Bad breath support
Weak Upper Register on Trumpet
  • Chops too tight
  • Too much pressure
  • Wrong or no pivot
Weak Low Register on Trumpet
  • No or wrong pivot
  • Mouthpiece too small
  • Not using warm air Haaaaa
Changing Quality of Sound
  • Poor breath support
  • Change in tongue arch or pivot
  • Tonguing problem
Slow Response on Trumpet
  • Too much pressure
  • Poor breath support
  • Lips too tense
Missed Notes
  • Mouthpiece Too small or shallow
  • Too much pressure
  • Poor breath support
No Endurance on Trumpet
  • Too much pressure
  • No practice
  • Mouthpiece too big or deep