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Trumpet design

Posted on July 27, 2004 by 


In the construction of trumpets there are a number of variable factors.

3 lead pipe options. Fixed, removable and variable taper.
10 lead pipe tapers
3 variations on tapers. Open, Normal or Tight.
4 types of tuning slide bows. Standard, Reverse, 90 degree or open curve.
4 horn materials
3 weights of brass and copper.
5 bell tapers
5 bell materials. brass, gold brass, sterling silver,bronze and copper
3 bell weights
3 bell types. Fixed, tuning bell or screw bell
11 bore sizes including straight, dual and tapered bores.
3 pipe materials nickel, brass or silver.
5 finishes raw, paint or lacquer, silver, nickel or gold plate

3x10x3x3x2x2x4x5x5x3x3x5x11x3 = 160,380,000 different combinations.

160 Million

How many are available at the local music store?
Only 3 or 4.
The ones that work are in my book.

Checkout the review on the Wild Thing Trumpet.


Mouthpiece Design

How many mouthpiece combinations are out there?

5 rim contours.
3 placements of high point.
3 bites.
7 cup shapes.
5 cup depths.
2 shoulder options.
12 throat sizes.
5 backbore flares.
3 materials.
3 weights.
3 styles. 1,2, or 3 piece construction.

That comes to 5,103,000 combinations.

Of these only 576 are truly useable and 58 are real stand outs.

They’re in the book. Along with a guide to teach you how a custom mouthpiece will play and sound before you spend $ 100 to get it made.