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Proof vs Power of suggestion.

Posted on July 27, 2004 by 

Do Heavy valve caps work?

I think that several factors come into play here.

Yes one is the power of suggestion. For some thinking an improvement will be made creates its own improvement. This is GREAT I wished everyone could experience this.
Some don’t experience this because of TOO HIGH expectations. They had set up mentally for huge improvements and made some improvements. For some this means that they see no improvements.

Finally there are those that want to prove or disprove something. Again they can show up so mentally biased that it is NOT possible for them to notice improvement.

These are all REAL aspects that different people face when experimenting, testing, learning… They are not done this way on purpose it is basic human differences. I see it every day. One student wants something to work and makes big improvements. Another student wants PROOF. This need for proof slows up the learning process.
I was always this way. It took me years to learn things that I now teach successfully in 5-6 lessons.

I’ve always been jealous of the group that could learn and try without demanding proof first. You see only you can prove something to yourself. But you have to learn it and master it first. It can turn into a catch 22 for some people. Jacoby used to say that some people couldn’t be taught. He ran them off. I’ve come to realize that everyone can learn just not all at the same pace. Or even in the same order of tasks.

Do heavy caps work?
Difficult to prove. If you want to believe they work. If you have no preconceived ideas they work. If you are a question asker and demand proof then they don’t work. The placebo effect works both positive and negative. I would rather use the positive.