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Endurance and 3 different embouchures

Posted on July 27, 2004 by 

There is NOT a magical embouchure that gives a 8 octave range to all players.

Due to dozens of minor physical differences one student will play one embouchure well and another poorly. His best friend may have the same success with the other system.

As for creating a cushion there are 3 different embouchure systems that do this. This subdivides into scores of subembouchures.

The main embouchures using this idea are Maggio, Stevens, and Superchops. I have seen great success and failure with each system. I like to try all students on the Stevens first as it is the easy one to learn. I have put students on a modified Farkas, Maggio and Superchops depending on their needs and physical gifts.

If your current embouchure gets you from low g to high g (over high c) then I advise modifications only as this is a useable range.

If your current embouchure falls out at high c or d I normally do go to the Stevens. For most people it is the least dramatic change possible. The range comes quickly and it is not mouthpiece dependent. It is a low pressure embouchure that does not protrude into the cup therefore mouthpiece changes are no big deal.
I do not like mpc changes during a song as it is difficult to tune and lipping every note is a waste of strength.