5 Practice Routines To Improve Your Playing.

We all have a tendency to be a little stagnant with our practice and so our playing doesn’t improve like we wish it would.

We often assume where our limits are and accept them too easily.

I want you to fully understand that with the right practice and the right mindset you have NO limit. I have used these ideas and others to help players who had trouble playing a G on top of the staff, and turn them into players who could play into the doubles and beyond.

We do it by working actual techniques like in the Arban book and real songs. In doing this range, resonance, accuracy, endurance… all improve.

These 5 files should be done in order. The song should be played every day starting today. Get good on the first 2 interval files (Air Kicks, and Arban Intervals} then move to the other 2 Interval files.


Sextet From Lucia

Air Kicks

Arban Intervals

Arban Expanded Intervals

Expanded Interval Study

Andrea Tofanelli and Greg Kuehn do my Air Kicks.

Me teaching them how to do my Air Kicks.

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