Should your lips be sore after practice

Should you be sore after pratice or playing can be answered in one word. NO!!!!! The lips may be tired for a few minutes or the mouth corners for 15 minutes or so , but anything more that this is a sign that you have caused some damage. As for being sore until after the next days warmup. Well that is way off base. If you feel sore or tired the next day then you bruised them and there is some swelling present. A competent teacher would never advise a student to play until that level of soreness was reached. Also that kind of soreness can only come from excessive mouthpiece pressure. What is normal and acceptable mouthpiece pressure for compressed lips (cushioned) is too much for flattened chops. You would be amazed at how many players set their chops and then unset (thin the lips and spread the embouchure) […]

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