Tommy Taylor

By the way, here’s a plug for the writings of Clint”Pops” McLaughlin. In the last five years or so I’ve lost my best excuse for not being a good trumpet player — I actually play equipment that I believe is the best possible equipment for me. With 100% confidence in my trumpet and cornet, I had to confront my limitations pretty straight on. Three books have represented breakthroughs for me. They include Pops’s “The Next Level,” and, most recently, his “Extended Range and Endurance on the Trumpet: AIR on the move.” Each of these books is short and, at first reading, deceptively simple. Yet with each, I made substantial improvement in my playing skills in just a few days. To a substantial extent, this was a case of me being ready for the message through 50 years of playing, including a brief stint of professional training in 1960/61 and informal coaching from a great player and person (Jeannie Pocius) about 10 years ago. But, without the message there would have been no breakthrough and the message came from Pops. Really, it’s the same old stuff, but written in a new way — direct and pointed — that worked for me.
Tommy Taylor.

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