Warm up

What is your warm up? A warm up needs to accomplish 4 things. 1. It needs to get the lips vibrating to produce both a good tone and flexibility. 2. It needs to get the breathing process / breath support working properly. 3. It needs to get the tongue working on single and multiple tonguing applications. 4. It needs to get the fingers to work with the lips, breath, and tongue. Jacoby used to start a lesson by having the student bend as far forward as possible and breathe with his mouth open (yawning). This helped to relax and open the throat. Next a second line g was played until the tone came clear and free. On a good day it took 15 seconds on a bad day as long as it takes. Then a scale from the center out by half steps. G, G#, F#, A, F, A#, E, […]

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