Play trumpet easier with tongue arch and hiss.

Here is a sound file of me teaching a comeback player to use tongue arch. He is doing ALL of the playing and I am talking him through line 1 page 125 of the Arban book. Sound file of me Teaching Tongue Arch (Anchor Tonguing) during a lesson. Whistle the first exercise of an Irons flexibility study. This is the same movement that your tongue should use as we play. It is like using Taw for low notes Too in the mid range and Tee a little higher. As we arch the front of the tongue toward the teeth a little this makes a more focused air-stream. The more focused the stream the less lip mass we excite and the higher we play. Arching the tongue (Forward) also moves the jaw, which changes the angle the lips vibrate at. This makes changes to the amount of lip curl present and changes […]

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