Baroque, natural and fanfare trumpets

One of my fanfare trumpets. This is a real musical instrument. I make these Baroque Trumpets, Natural Trumpets and Fanfare Trumpets for use in Renaissance Festivals. They are played at the jousts, knighting and crowning ceremonies. These instruments are 51 – 54 inches long depending on the flare of the bell that is used. They use trumpet mouthpieces (the mouthpiece is not included). For purposes of strength the instrument is double walled. This outside wall not only makes it sturdy (I have used mine in combat as a staff) but it also smooths out the line as it goes from the mouthpiece to the bell. The inner tubing is all copper and is what makes the trumpet play. The outside tubing is for appearance only. This valve-less Natural Trumpet will play any and all bugle calls. The sound is very good due to the double wall construction. Horns are made using […]

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