3D look at the trumpet embouchure

First let’s see how some people think of embouchure. 1-D Some people think of a trumpet embouchure in 1 dimension. That is they think only about how long is the aperture or buzz. Yes this does affect what note is being playing but it is only a small part of the aperture. (1 front view of aperture length) (2 front view of aperture length) How long is the aperture? ie are you playing a low note or a high note. People who think this way tend to only rely on mouth-corner tension to play higher notes. Lip to lip compression has no place here. Every octave higher that we play; the size of the aperture is cut in half. Double Pedal C = 64 inches, Pedal C = 32 inches, Low C = 16 inches, Middle C = 8 inches, High C = 4 inches, Double High C = 2 […]

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