Richard Holmes

Well it’s time to hear from a current student of POPS. I do not intend to get in the middle of the debate about which method is best, but I do believe my opinion is of some value here.

I have a degree in music performance and studied music edu. for three years. I have been playing professionally for 30+ years and I have currently 18 trumpet students. I have had a copy of CG’s book (and other method books) for many years, and I like many others played from the book but did not practice it. I don’t think it was a bad attitude I had, I think it was because I did not understand it and none of my instructors (i have had many) ever took the time to explain it, because they couldn’t. One of my college instructors said not to use the book because it takes to long and you can get the same benefits from others in less time.That was in 1969. I am not knocking this method book or bashing MR. GORDON, but without a private lesson (in person) it’s damn difficult to grasp the intended information in this method book or any other. Reading any method book is easy, applying it from the head to the physical body is not.

POPS may disagree with certain methods, but don’t all the great teachers have their own methods of teaching? I hope so, I love teaching and I would like to think my method is different than others, (I don’t put myself on the same level with POPS or Mr. Gordon) but I do think our goals are the same.To give a student the knowledge and tools he/she needs to play the trumpet to the best of their ability.

Thanks to POPS and his devotion to teaching my playing has improved 100%.I now am able to play RELAXED and understand how to THINK about how to practice.I am passing this knowledge on to my students and I see the great results everyday. LIP BUZZING and thinking LIP TO LIP COMPRESSION may be the two most important things I have ever learned about playing the trumpet, I’m sure other great teachers though this, but I have never been told this or read it.
I am 52 years old and for the first time since I began playing at the age of 8, I am very happy knowing that if I continue my lessons with POPS (and I intend to do just that) that I just might be good at it someday, now that POPS has made things so much easier for me to understand.

As for FREE information, POPS has GIVEN me all three of his books, and some of the information contained in them is on the Internet, FREE.! The bottom line, if the Arban’s works for you that’s great, if it’s the CG method that works for you, that’s great, my trips to Dallas are working for me, and it’s all about our personal choice, ain’t it. AIR! AIR! AIR! a very happy student

I’m buzzing pops 🙂

Richard Holmes

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