Rex Merriweather

Hi Pops:

The lessons are doing great. I can now keep my teeth apart to “D” over high “C”. Because of my playing schedule, I made this change gradually. I shocked a few band mates after a show one night as I glided easily up to and just over triple high “C”! It really helped me to except the fact that I could do it, hearing you play it.

I wanted to thank you for the copy of your book. I have been using all three regularly and love the results!

Mean while I am working hard to finish my C.D. I promised Nick Drozdoff a tune to use on his “Tpin” C.D. And I am incorporating some EXTREME upper register melodies similar to those found in ” The Next Level” into a tune I wrote for this album. I took your advice and have started incorporating some very high, but pretty, classical works into the jazz and rock.

I have been stiring a little attention your way with other trumpeters that are hearing me play. I’m not sure whether its the clear and loud triple high c’s, or the style of my soloing (blistering then melodic way up high) in any event you should be getting some visiters to your web page and E-mail from some.

As you might tell, I am feeling great about my playing as my confidence level is the highest it has ever been.
I am still amazed at how little work it is taking to play this way. Now I can sit back, relax and truly enjoy playing my horn. ……Rex

P.S. You are a trumpet god, well thats what I tell everyone!

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