Pedal Tone Book




I and countless other teachers have complained for years about people doing pedals the wrong way and creating problems in their playing.
Part of the problem was always how the exercises in the books were written.
None of them ever used a setpoint idea even though some of the teachers who wrote the books used a setpoint when playing.

I finally decided to write a pedal book explaining the HOW to play pedals and using a setpoint written into every exercise to promote ONE embouchure set for the whole exercise.

Playing the pedals correctly requires us to think more about keeping the normal embouchure and letting things build and correct by themselves. We can NOT change things to make them sound pretty as that disrupts the one embouchure set.

You will discover more flexibility between registers and more volume in every register as you work in this book. The range extension part uses pedals and high notes in the same exercise so that you build your ability to play 3 and 4 and 5 octave lines. It feels amazing.