High Gear / Low Gear: What gear do you use?




This is a trumpet video course.
It has 15 video clips (1 hour 5 minutes) all in an Ebook and all delivered by email link instantly.

It features Keith Fiala (formerly with Maynard Ferguson) and Keith Wood..

The subject of High Gear Embouchure, embouchure shifts … often comes up in forums.
I decided to do a book to address this issue. The largest book so far had 5 pages of instructions, 2 pages of pictures and some music.

This book has over 1 hour of video showing you the main ways that pro players use the idea of High/Low Sets to play.

It gives all of the pros and cons to this idea and gives you the info you need to do it wisely.

Video about the book.

You get to see and hear 2 good players try the various ideas and you get to see what is possible.

I know that many of you will say. “Pops you teach about Lip Setpoint (TM).”
I do teach that as a step to being a great player. It is vital to have a solid low gear for the high gear/low gear idea to work. You have to crawl, then walk and then run.

This book has written instruction from pros like Walt Johnson and Nick Drozdoff, who tell you how they do the high gear / low gear sets for playing.

This book could really set your playing on fire.

If you can’t play above the staff; this won’t help. You have to have enough range that the high and low gear have an overlap.
A range of High C will work fine. A range of top line F would fail badly. They would shift 50 times a song (25 going up and 25 coming down) because of how many notes F and above that they have to play. A range of High C they may only have to shift 2-4 times for the same song.
Using the shift 2-4 times would be easy but doing it 50 times a song and everyone would notice it.

Because it is downloaded and because not everyone has broadband; I made the videos low resolution. Here are some examples of them. These have been shortened.