Clinics/Master Classes – In Person


I can provide trumpet clinics and master classes to groups. Email ( or phone me today to arrange your event.

My clinics aim to improve a students musical and technical skills.

Clinics are available on the following topics:
  • Air
    • A combination of Jacoby and Brisbois teaching economy, visualization, support (Brisbois wedge), projection and reducing pressure.
  • Embouchure
    • How to find your own best setup. Based on your physical traits. Teaches buzzing, mouthpiece placement, use of visualizer and pressure reduction.
  • Stevens Embouchure
    • Teaches airstream direction, jaw position, lip curl and reducing pressure.
  • Endurance and Range
    • Teaches aperture control, close lip set, lip set point, air support basics and pressure reduction.


For teachers:

Teachers should help their students prepare materials to play in a master class setting. Students and faculty benefit from the performance and my instruction on how to improve the piece. I encourage the students and faculty to participate by asking questions and personal concerns.