A.I.S.: Keep their ass in the seats




Getting a gig is just part of the music business. Keeping the gig and keeping the audience happy is also a part of it.

This Video Ebook is about the concept of AIS. Ass in the Seats.

The ability to keep the audience’s Ass in the Seats (AIS) might be the most important thing a player can learn.

We get very caught up in ME.
MY art,
MY music,
MY dream…

College to some extent even promotes this. However; there is a difference between college and the real world.

In college your art doesn’t have to provide you with an income. In the real world; music is either a drain on your finances, or it makes money.

The difference between those 2 ideas is Ass In Seats.

Music is NOT about YOU or ME.
It IS about AIS
Ass In Seats.

This is a 14 page Multimedia Ebook with 26 minutes of Video of Andrea Tofanelli talking about how to please an audience.

I like this book. Everything is there to dissolve the common misconceptions that entrap the young musician into not seeing the reality of things in the music world. There was a point when I asked myself why I was on stage. My answer confirmed that it was time for me to take a break. When we start playing for ourselves and not caring what the audience is after then we are shooting ourself in the foot.
Gene Rountree