Air on the move




Extended Range and Endurance on the Trumpet. Air on the Move is a 60 page trumpet lesson.

It is what is normally covered in an all day trumpet lesson for range. I’ve had people add more than an octave of range after taking this master class. It covers advanced techniques for air compression and aperture control. I also show you how to pull down the mental wall that has been stopping you in the past. It is all text and no music.

This is also available as an all day trumpet lesson for $ 600 or as a clinic.

Just thought I would drop a line regarding the lessons I took a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank you again for your knowledge, generosity and motivational qualities as a teacher.
I’ve gotten back into the swing of practicing and things are going well.
From the internet I have the impression that people are so gung-ho high notes that they don’t appreciate the potential value of some of your ideas for playing the trumpet musically, in the more common registers of the instrument.
Keep up the good work.

Ed H.