Ole Utnes

I have named Pops “the cyber teacher” – and that is what he has been to me. I even made a web page where I collected some of the posts that Pops have sent to or to the news group The URL to that page is: ‘Pops’

It all started late in 1997, with my friend Rune, lending me a book by Pops, “The No Nonsense Trumpet from A to Z”.

Wow! – a lot of good information that one cannot easily find elsewhere, but the layout was poor (typewriter format). I scanned the book, and ran it through an OCR program. The output I sent to Rune. He then formatted it into a book and sent that to Pops. After a while a copy of the new edition arrived in my mail.
From then on, I have been in regular contact with Pops and I consider him also my friend. Maybe someday we can meet in person?
In the autumn of 1998, I proposed a project for Pops and Rune that Rune named “The Comeback Trumpeters Guide”.

If you go there you will see that Pops have made a great contribution called “Tips for a CP”. He has also made a booklet of it, that you can get almost for free from him.
Another excellent idea that he have recently implemented is the “TRUMPET FAQ’s” Here you will find a distilled compilation of his “cyber teaching”.

I know Pops is now working on another exciting project – but I will not tell you what it is. Just monitor his web site for a while.
Needless to say: I recommend all his books and his next projects as well.

Your friend Ole – from the other side of the “pond” —
“Oulee the Gentle Viking”

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In 1979 I wrote a paper for college. Through the years it was added to, written and rewritten many times. In 1995 I finally applied for a copyright. I sold in test markets out of different brass publications and continued to make changes to the book. I never changed my ideas or concepts but I did change wording to try to make each new edition easier to understand.

In October or November of 1997 I sold a copy to Rune Aleksandersen in Norway. Shortly after that Rune and his friend Ole Utnes did my typesetting and music notation (FOR FREE). They also each made me a web page. Rune did Trumpet College at http://www.bbtrumpet.com & Ole set up a collection of internet lessons Pops Page 
All of this they did for free because they love the trumpet. They also have a desire for everyone to have access to knowledge.
What ever other endorsements I get in the future; NOTHING will say more than all of the time and effort that these 2 people who I have never met gave to my projects. If you learned something from what I’ve written thank these 2 because without them it is doubtful you would ever have seen 2/3 of my work. And FAQ’s would not exist.
Thanks for all the help.

Clint ‘Pops’ McLaughlin


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