Matt Stock

I’ve taken several lesson with Pops over the last four or five months and feel I have to speak up. I think you have some of the same misconceptions about him that many people have about your teacher, Claude Gordon.

Clint is more than a chop doctor.

Yes, I was skeptical at first also, but I’ve heard him play a triple c. And he immediately pointed out that you can’t really play music up there, its just a demonstration of the possibilities once you learn to play efficiently. But even if he didn’t have high chops, or for that matter play at, all my lessons have been well worth the two and half hour drive through Dallas rush hour traffic (Why do they call it rush hour if nothing is moving at all for miles in any direction?).

What did we work on? Lyric playing, extremely soft playing, ear training, one of the Williams concertos, relaxing and enjoying the horn again (the next step in my recovery from attending North Texas). No, he didn’t try to convert me to the _________ embouchure. For that matter he didn’t tell me what type of embouchure I play on and frankly I don’t care, the exercises he has me play always get results. And yes, when our schedules converge I plan to go back and study more.

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