Trumpet Range, trumpet high notes and power.

The Next Level to trumpet range and being musical.

Available as an Electronic Book only (No printed books).

Most people work on range by playing scales and arpeggios. Most range books use these because they LOOK good in print. Scales to Double High C LOOK good. Sadly they don't make your range playable in real music.

To play usable high notes, you need to practice music in the upper register.

I looked at a LOT of music for flute, clarinet, piano...

I looked for music that worked on basic trumpet skills but in a register that we don't normally practice those skills.

"The Next Level" is a collection of music that will help teach you to PLAY music in the upper register.
This music will make you stretch out and improve your technique in the upper register and help you to become what MOST lead players are not.


I use this music in my in-person lessons and people are surprised that anyone tries to play this type of music in this register.
Regardless of your current playing level. "The Next Level" will not only challenge you, but it will also guide you to improvement in all areas of the trumpet.

It is 31 pages of info and music that will stretch your playing abilities.

The Next Level
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Dear "Pops",
I recently bought your books a week or more back, and they have helped me a lot on my range and my endurance.
I went from a C as my high note, to double C and even higher as my high note.
I want to thank you for helping me with your books.

Trumpet playing tips.
Factors for a dynamic embouchure on the trumpet.

In my book I list all of the possible causes. Here I only listed the top 3.

Poor Attacks
mouthpiece too small or shallow
wrong syllable for tonguing
Lips too tight

Weak Stuffy Tone
too little air used
too much pressure
closed throat

Bright Shrill Tone
mouthpiece too shallow
Bad concept of tone
Too tight

Dull Lifeless Tone
Mouthpiece too deep
no tongue arch
wrong concept of tone

Forced Sound
lips too tight
too much mouthpiece pressure
Bad breath support

Weak Upper Register
Chops too tight
too much pressure
wrong or no pivot

Weak Low Register
No or wrong pivot
Mouthpiece too small
not using warm air Haaaaa.

Changing Quality of Sound
poor breath support
change in tongue arch or pivot
tonguing problem

Slow Response
too much pressure
poor breath support
lips too tense

Missed Notes
Mouthpiece Too small or shallow
too much pressure
poor breath support

No Endurance
Too much pressure
No practice
Mouthpiece too big or deep

Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin

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