Larry C

I am very pleased to have happened upon your web site. My story is an odd one, at least for me, in terms of playing trumpet. I’ve been playing since age thirteen–some twenty-plus years. I’ve achieved some successes on a local scale playing jazz trumpet. That is, more as a soloist than much else (but I do that well). I’ve had some bright moments along the way–brightest: opening with a quintet for Terrance Blanchard at Bimbo’s in North Beach, San Francisco, among other dates.

My point, I’ve been playing many years, and have had troubles throughout. To bottom line things: I found out that every teacher I had told me the wrong mouthpiece to use. They said go medium and shallow, and I did, and I died. I now play a Schilke 17D4D with a ML Bach I bought in 1970 (I have pretty full lips). Wonderful combination for me now, though it wasn’t until I came upon the Closed-Lip way of doing things that it all took off for me. I mean, endurance, consistency, range, facility, and on top of all that less hours of practice each day–even a day off here and there with less come-back time. I was not a closed-lip player before, and it cost me (closed-lip being oddly easy as opposed to tense or tight, more easy-does-it than I thought–chops not scrunched tight but there, closed).

I happened upon your web site some six to eight months ago, and it took a little time for what I read to make it happen for me. I’ve been playing a long time, struggling a long time (20+ years), but it took only six months, some changes along the way, and I gained 200 to 300% in terms of endurance, CONSISTENCY, and a boost in range (air pretty good, of course). I play up to a G and more above high C now (+/-); D and Eb was a ceiling for me for too long. I aspire to jazz solo work and a little more; anything above a G above high C is gravy and extra for me, and of little concern. I don’t play lead, wouldn’t want to. Second trumpet and solo spots are everything I could ever want.

Anyway, thanks for being there. Thanks for the web site, thanks for the inspiration, thanks for being Pops M. as you are.
I recommend your method, study materials, theories whole-heartedly. Hope to meet you some day, too.
Larry C.

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