Keith Wood

Unbelievable lesson, man!

Clint is a long-range thinker. He told me that he had a plan from our first lesson together, but it had to be in stages. First, he had to get my belly button (breathing) to work right. Then, straighten out my tongue arch. (and how he used compression) And finally, relax my facial tension.
If he had told me the whole plan, I would’ve wanted to rush things, just like a college kid. The kicker was when he said, “If you lived here in the area, we could’ve done all this in 6 months”! Oh well… The only thing I have to battle now is the habit of tensing when I see certain things coming up in the music.

One of the craziest things is that I feel warmed up all the time now. It’s WILD! I just buzz in the pedal area and my lip hums all the time. I feel like the Ice Man who just broke out of his “wintery coffin”!

The hardest part was the first hour of our lesson. I could not play a note (even make a sound) for the first hour. Man, I was close to tears. It felt like he wanted me to change my embouchure – I saw weeks or months of trial and error ahead of me. UGH! Then it just seemed to click. A low G came out that made us both smile – BIG! For the remainder of our 8 hours together (including a couple of hours on trombone), I never got tired. I have only gotten fatigued once since, and that was our last song on New Year’s Eve – I haven’t even been able to get a good practice in since then. All I’ve been doing is buzzing. Relaxed feel, dude!
It has truly changed my entire musical life.

God bless,


2 video clips of Keith Wood at the end of an all day a lesson with me.

Short lick and how he feels with the new set.

Arpeggio Low G up to Double D and down to Pedal D.

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