Jeanne G Pocius

I recently purchased copies of *Pops*’s books, and have taken a bit of time to peruse them before posting to the list….

Clint McLaughlin has distilled a lifetime of knowledge into these volumes–_PRACTICAL_ knowledge which deserves to be put into use in every trumpeter’s practice room/studio. While I can’t say that I agree with EVERY approach he advocates (I’m not an advocate, for example, for thrusting the lower jaw forward because I believe the potential tension caused by this technique outweighs the benefits of it), I CAN and DO agree with most of what he recommends….

This is not a book of theories or generalities, but a real resource designed BY a trumpet player FOR trumpet players. The exercises have real merit, and the *Trumpet FAQ*’s are PRICELESS! (talk about distilling decades of individual lessons into a single text!)

Don’t waste any more time searching for the *ultimate guide to trumpet playing*….It’s already been done, and between Clint’s book and Ole Utnes’ site there is enough material to last a lifetime (as long as you already own the mandatory texts of Arban’s, Clarke Techs, Bousquet/Concone, Charlier, Colin Lip Flexibilities or Matt’s *Fundamental Flexibilities*, etc ;^)

And you’d better hurry, because once the word gets out about the contents of these books, they’ll be out of print sooner than you can tongue the cornet part to *L’Histoire du Soldat*!

Thanks for providing such a fine reference, *Pops*! —

Take Care!

Jeanne G Pocius
Archer Music/North Shore Brass Associates

*Mizpah* (The Lord God watch between me and thee while we are parted one from the other)
Genesis XXXI.49

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