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Don Jacoby, Jake

Don Jacoby was born in York, Pennsylvania.
He began his lifelong study of the trumpet at the age of 6 and 1/2. He studied under his uncle Arthur Ansorg and had to practice 364 days a year. He only took Christmas day off.

Jake became a soloist with the Spring Garden Band at the age of 9 and played there until he finished High School at 16.

While in High School Jake was regularly featured on the Horn & Hardart Children's Hour on radio station WCAU in Philadelphia. He played also with the Tasty Treat Youth Pageant on WJZ in New York.

At the age of 16 Jake entered the Earnest S. Williams School of Music. During the three years it took for him to finish College Jake soloed at Carnegie Hall, the Brooklyn Town Hall and Central Park.

While still in his teens he often played the Herbert L. Clarke parts in the John Philip Sousa band in concerts in Central Park.

Don Jacoby graduated from college at the age of 19.

Jake joined the Milt Britton Band at Loew's Theater in Times Square. Jake later joined the Les Brown Band where he stayed until he entered the Navy.

While in the Navy Don Jacoby was chosen as the Star in uniform and performed with Tommy Dorsey.

He married Doris "Dori" Robinson while in the Navy.

He recorded several things during this time like "Command Performances & Mail Call" for the troops overseas.

After the war Jake moved to Chicago to return to the Les Brown Band. He also played with Benny Goodman at this time.

Not wanting to leave Chicago Jake became a soloist with ABC playing shows like Ed Sullivan, Martin & Lewis and others for over 9 years.

Don Jacoby then went to work for NBC and later CBS.

While with CBS Jake became a Conn Clinician teaching and playing all over North America.

After 10 years of clinics and tours Jake formed his own band and toured some more. Finally tiring of life on the road Jake moved to Dallas.

In Dallas Jake played recording and club dates. Jake spent a great deal of his time teaching and most of his students were also at North Texas studying Music.

Jake published a method book back in 1990.

Jake received the Humanitarian Award from IAJE some years back and was well deserving of it.

Although Jake is no longer with us both the man & his teaching will be remembered.


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