Free Public Domain Trumpet Methods.

Take trumpet lessons and learn to play the trumpet effortlessly.
All of these editions were 1922 or before and absolutely are in the public domain. The Publishing date is visible in each book. (Some at the front and some where the music starts. One starting on like the 10th music page.)

The books are hosted on one of my other websites ( so it doesn't slow down my main webpage.

The download on all books can be started before the book preview loads. Really most can be on your computer before the preview fully loads on the website.

Arban Complete Celebrated Method

Joseph Jean-Baptiste Laurent Arban (28 February 1825 – 8 April 1889) was a cornetist, conductor, composer, pedagogue and the first famed virtuoso of the cornet à piston or valved cornet.

The Arban Book was 1st published before 1859. It was only 93 pages. It was expanded a lot in the next few years.

This Public Domain version is the 1893 edition published by Carl Fischer. This one is the 355 page version everyone knows.

Arban Complete Celebrated Method

Saint Jacome Grand Method

Louis Antoine Saint Jacome (1830–1898) A rival to Arban and many people think that his Grand Method is superior.

The Grand Method Book was 1st published in 1870.

This Public Domain version is the 1915 edition published by Carl Fischer.

Saint Jacome Grand Method

Clarke Technical Studies

Herbert Lincoln Clarke (September 12, 1867 – January 30, 1945) was a well-known American cornet player, feature soloist with John Phillip Sousa, bandmaster, and composer. Clarke wrote over 50 solo compositions and these 5 books, Elementary Studies (1909), Technical Studies (1912), Characteristic Studies (1915), Setting Up Drills (1929), and How I Became A Cornetist (1934).

This edition of the Technical Studies was published in 1912 by his wife L. B. Clarke.

Clarke Technical Studies

There is more free stuff (several more books) after this brief commercial.

Range Expanded Trumpet Books

I have rewritten some classic public domain books and expanded the range to meet todays needs.

Here is a 24 page free example done with the 1st exercise of the Brandt book. I rearranged it in both lower keys for people with limited ranges and higher keys to help work your range.

Brandt #1

Expanded Arban

The Arban book has been the mainstay of Trumpet practice for well over 100 years. However; no revisions have ever been made to the exercises in it.

The range in the Arban book was stuck at the top of the staff; with a few limited High Cs included. For example there were 16 exercises for the C scale. Only 1 of the 16 had a high C in it. The majority of exercises were written for what is now a middle school range.

This is a problem because to expand you range, you have to practice to the top note of your range every day. If you only play 3-10 high Cs a day then High D will NEVER become a good note.

I took exercises from the major sections of the book and some songs and raised them step by step up to Double High C. I also included over 200 pages of my original exercises.

The New Arban Book is 985 pages

Webpage about the The New Arban Book

Pops' New Arban Book
985 page Ebook
$ 40 (No shipping)

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Expanded Clarke

I also rewrote Clarke Technical Studies and expanded the range. The Etudes go up step by step. Yes I also wrote #1 in lower keys to help players who have trouble with high C.

The New Clarke Book is 350 pages

Webpage about the New Clarke Technical Studies

Pops' New Clarke Technical Studies Book
350 page Ebook
$ 20 (No shipping)

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Brandt 34 Etudes

Karl Wilhelm (Vasily Georgievich) Brandt (1869–1923) was a Russian trumpeter, pedagogue, and composer. He became principal trumpet of the Bolshoi Theater in 1890 and succeeded Friedrich Richter as the trumpet professor of the Moscow Conservatory in 1900.

He is considered the founder of the Russian trumpet school. His 34 Orchestral Etudes, is an important study material for modern trumpet players.

This edition of Brandt's 34 Orchestral Etudes was published in 1922 in Russia.

Brandt's 34 Orchestral Etudes

Goldman's Practical Studies
Edwin Franco Goldman (January 1, 1878 – February 21, 1956) is one of America's prominent band composers of the early 20th century. He composed over 150 works, but is best known for his marches.

This edition of His Practical Studies was published in 1921 by Carl Fischer.

Practical Studies for the Cornet and Trumpet

Jules Levy Cornet Instruction Book

Jules Levy (April 24, 1838 – November 28, 1903) was a cornetist, teacher, and composer. He was arguably the first cornetist to be recorded, having participated in an early public demonstration of Thomas Edison's tinfoil phonograph.

Levy's Cornet Instruction Book was 1st published in 1895.

This Public Domain version is the 1895 edition published by C. G. Conn.

Jules Levy Cornet Instruction Book

The Trumpet Players Guide

Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin I wrote this for a free sample of info for people to download easily and keep. Many of my books have video links and offer lots of more info like how to improve resonance, get more range, reduce pressure, reduce tension, increase endurance...

Pops' Trumpet Players Guide. A mini lesson.

Pops' 1 Minute Scales.

Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin I wrote this for a free sample of the type of the extra exercises I have in my New Arban Book.

Pops' 1 Minute Scales.

Pops' C Major Key Study.

Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin I wrote this for a free sample of the type of the extra exercises I have in my New Arban Book. This of course is in every key and runs from Low F# up to Double High C (in the New Arban Book).

Pops' C Major Key Study.

Back in the stone age when I was learning to play there was no New Expanded Arban, Clarke, Concerto book... (That is why I wrote them.)
I had top use Clarinet and Sax books to get written notes above high C. (Yes the clarinet will have some pedal F and Es. Get over it and play them.)

These are the 2 non trumpet books I used.

The World's Edition Universal Method for the Saxophone

Paul de Ville I never found out anything about Mr de Ville. I wished I knew something.

This edition was published in 1908 by Carl Fischer.

Universal Sax Method

Klose's Conservatory Method for the Clarinet

Hyacinthe Eléonore Klosé (October 11, 1808 in Corfu (Greece) – August 29, 1880 in Paris) was a French clarinet player, professor at the Conservatoire de Paris, and composer.
Klosé is noted for his design improvements to the clarinet using the principles laid down by Theobald Boehm in his innovative work on the flute keywork. From 1839 to 1843, he enlisted the help of Louis-August Buffet of Buffet-Crampon fame, an instrument-making technician, to construct — what is known today as — the Boehm system clarinet.

This edition was published in 1879 by Jean White.

Klose Clarinet Method

Pops trumpet lessons help trumpet players learn to play trumpet effortlessly.

'Pops' (Clint McLaughlin)
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