dennis hill

in early 1998, i decided to return to trumpet playing after a 20-something year hiatus. and quickly found that there was more information on trumpet playing available on the internet, than i could believe. web-pages, a good mail list and a good usenet newsgroup ( whenever i had something giving me a hard time, i’d post my problem on the newsgroup and tpin. then i would receive several answers to my question. each from a little different perspective. as you may know, there is no such thing as “one way” to play the trumpet, due to embouchures, teeth formation, and lip size/shape. there are good pro players successfully doing things that others would consider taboo. thus, hearing different viewpoints gives you the opportunity to glean what is helpful to you. often times, one person phrases things in such a way as to make you “get it”.
several times “pops” was the one who posted the insightful info that made something make sense to me. after continuing to see his good replies to other people’s queries, i decided to buy his book. it is chock full of good trumpet related info. and i can say that any comeback player (and there seems to be a lot of us) would be well served to add it to his collection. my thanks to “pops” for his giving spirit.
dennis hill
(p.s.- don’t add caps, or they’ll think it wasn’t really me ; )

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