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Trumpet Master Classes

I work with the student to improve musical and technical skills. Teachers should help their students prepare materials to play in a master class setting. Students and faculty benefit from the performance and my instruction on how to improve the piece.

I encourage the students and faculty to participate by asking questions and personal concerns.

Clinics are available on the following topics.


A combination of Jacoby and Brisbois teaching economy, visualization, support (Brisbois wedge), projection and reducing pressure.


How to find your own best setup. Based on your physical traits. Teaches buzzing, mouthpiece placement, use of visualizer and pressure reduction.

Stevens Embouchure

Teaches airstream direction, jaw position, lip curl and reducing pressure.

Endurance and Range

Teaches aperture control, close lip set, lip set point, air support basics and pressure reduction.


Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin

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