Triple tonguing

There are 3 types of triple tonguing. The TTK in the Arban book, TKT,KTK (alternating ) in the James Burke “New Directions in Tonguing ” book and the rolling Ta Da Ga taught in Jacoby’s book “Jake’s Method”. I included all 3 types when I wrote my book. TTK – TTK , TKT-KTK , & Ta Da Ga are different concepts of tongue useage. These are 3 prevalent triple tonguing concepts. Whereas changing Tu Tu Ku into Ta Ta Ka , or Da Da Ga , or Di Di Gi is merely using different syllables. These 4 examples all fall under the Arban TTK . For the Burke double-triple they would be Tu Ku Tu – Ku Tu Ku, Ta Ka Ta – Ka Ta Ka, Da Ga Da – Ga Da Ga and Di Gi Di – Gi Di Gi. These represent lighter syllables and are quicker to use. […]

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