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60 movie clips of me and my students.

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Me playing part of the Hummel up 2 octaves. I start on F over High C and end on A over Double C (that's 2 notes from Triple C). On several forums; teachers have said that you couldn't be resonant that high. Well they were wrong.

The key is to NOT over compress, not over tighten and not choke the sound.

This section is things that College Trumpet Teachers said couldn't be done. Yes I made a few videos to show things that teachers commonly say can't be done. I made these to help people to become OPEN to ideas and realities.

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Me Mouthpiece Buzzing from High C up to Triple High C. On several forums; teachers have said that you couldn't mouthpiece buzz that high. Well they were wrong.

Mouthpiece buzzing high notes is the best way to improve your range.

Lip Buzzing. On several forums; teachers said that you couldn't buzz low or relaxed or loose. Well they were wrong.

This relaxed buzzing helps to reduce facial tension, stiff lips and allows you to learn to use your strength where you need it and NOT everywhere.

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4 Octave Lip Buzz. On several forums; teachers have said that you couldn't lip buzz more than 3-4 notes. Well they were wrong.

Relaxed buzzing from the front view

Trumpet video about buzzing and the aperture tunnel. On several forums; teachers have said that pressure doesn't close the hole on open embouchures. Well they were wrong.

When I use the pucker and apply pressure with the finger you can see it close the embouchure.

Videos showing ways to improve playing.

Why and how to mouthpiece buzz.

Mouthpiece buzzing helps resonance, tone quality, intonation, breathing....

Pops and Andrea Tofanelli playing in the doubles.

Pops and Keith Fiala on Didgeridoo.

Kieth Fiala playing didgeridoo.

Pops showing how to play didgeridoo for relaxing your trumpet chops.

Andrea Tofanelli on mouthpiece buzzing.

Kieth Fiala on Maynard Ferguson mouthpiece buzzing.

Low Pressure Grip


6 Octave Arpeggio Mouthpiece Buzz

One of the most important things you were never told about trumpet.
Audio of why all players learn to be tense and how to stop.

Audio of me teaching a comeback player tongue arch using line 1 page 125 of the Arban book. The comeback player did all of the playing. I left out the 2 tries in the middle to save time.

Mouthpiece Buzzing Audio

Mouthpiece Buzzing Audio 2


Types of Lip Buzzing Article

Why Lip Buzz Article

More trumpet videos of my students during lessons.

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