Brian Swartz

Hi Pops!

We’ve never met and I hope you don’t mind me addressing you that informally. I am very impressed with all of the great information that is contained on your website.
I studied off and on with Bobby Shew for about five years in the early 90’s. When I started with him I had very severe embouchure problems. It’s hard even to describe or even remember now but I used to play on the inside of both lip and I would cram the mouthpiece on my top lip. Not very effective. He never directly changed my embouchure but gave me all knowledge I needed to change it which I did just a couple of years ago. I’ve made leaps and bounds since then although my upper range is still inconsistent.

Bobby always made me aware of the benefits of buzzing without the mouthpiece and it was because of this that I was able to “wake up” my chops and begin to play more correctly. I haven’t done lip buzzing since I changed my embouchure and I think that it’s probably my missing link.
I just wanted to thank you for making this information available for me to find so that I could confirm what I probably knew all along. I hope I can meet you sometime to thank you in person.

Thanks again and take care.

Brian Swartz

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