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Schilke vs. Bach Mouthpieces

If you want to play a mouthpiece between the size of a Bach 7 and a 1.5 you have to look at another source.

Bach makes 10 mouthpiece diameters that are smaller than a Schilke 6A4a. under 16.00mm.

Bach makes 8 diameters in the 16.00 - 16.25mm range.
(Schilke sizes 6,7,8's go here.)

(Schilke 9's fill this empty Bach spot from 16.25 - 16.40.)

Bach make 3 diameters in the 16.40 - 16.50. mm. These are 2's and are hard to find.
(Schilke sizes 10 & some 11s go here.)

Bach makes 0 in the 16.55 - 16.95 mm range.
(Schilke makes sizes 11, 12, 13 in here.)

Bach make some in 17.00 mm.
(Schilke has the 14s.)

Bach makes 0 from 17.05 - 17.45 mm.
(Schilke has some 14s plus the 15, 16 & 17s.)

Bach makes them in 17.50 mm.
(Schilke has the 18s.)

Bach make 0 bigger than 17.50 mm.
(Schilke has the 19s - 24s.)


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