Alan Rouse

Shoulders of greatness

For good or for bad, Mr. Gordon was shameless in his consistent claim that there is only one correct way to play brass instruments. It’s not surprising that his students believe likewise. I think Gordon was extremely talented, a superb teacher, and very, umm, shall we say, confident.
Judging from his published materials, political correctness was not very important to him. Actually, in all these areas, I think he and Pops are “two peas in a pod”. You love ’em or you hate ’em, but you never have to wonder what they are thinking!
Anyway, I think Gordon earned the right to be that way. He distilled all the mystery of trumpet playing down to a program of study that repeatedly produced great players, probably more consistently than any of his contemporaries. I’m very glad he did so.
I think Pops has taken the next logical step, probably improving on some things by promoting multiple approaches to technique. None of that makes Gordon’s approach less effective however. It still can produce the same kind of players that it did 40 years ago.
Each of these guys stood on the shoulders of the great ones who came before them, and added something new that many players found valuable. They both deserve respect. – ——————-
Alan Rouse

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