Play The Trumpet; Don't Play With It.
The Key Is How You Think.

Available as an Electronic Book only (No printed books).

Learning the physical mechanics is only part of what it takes to sound like a pro.

There is a difference in HOW a pro player plays physically; which I have already covered in Tensionless Playing.
There is also a BIG difference in HOW a pro player THINKS about playing.
There is a difference in HOW he listens and WHAT he listens to and for.
There is a difference in HOW a pro player practices WHY he chooses what he practices and how to decide what to practice.

We have to learn to hear what we really sound like, what pros sound like. We have to learn how to make a practice routine that fits US and how to change it based on our needs.

There is a physical aspect to playing the trumpet that gets us in the ballpark IF we listen. That physical aspect is what I am best known for. It is about 1/3 of what I really do with students that study with me for longer than just a tuneup lesson.
Most hobby players if they take a lesson only take a tune up and get in the ball park. They are happy to be there but there is so much farther that they can go IF they go to step 2.

The trumpet is so much more physical AND mental than any other instrument.

A brand new player can press middle c on the piano and an in tune middle c will sound. It won't be a third off or under or over pitch. It will be resonant and not slightly out of pitch center. It will vibrate and not sound strained or forced.

That new player can play every note there is on the piano on day 1 and he/she can play for hours and hours without the sound changing and without getting tired, sore or hurt.

Yet piano players spend years thinking about their craft. Most trumpet players never get past the physical basics in part because there is so much to do, in part because so few actually teach it and in part because they don't know what the next step is.

This is the next step.

This ebook is 54 pages and gives you a good guideline on how to alter your thinking and how to proceed to the next step in playing really well.

Play The Trumpet; Don't Play With It.
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