Trumpet Range, trumpet high notes and power.

Pops' BM Trumpet Package

Available as Electronic Books only (No printed books).

Since I call the site Trumpet College and this is my 3rd largest set of trumpet material, I call it the BM or Bachelor of Music package.

The books and music practice books, are all designed to train your embouchure and fine tune your playing. This stuff will help you master the trumpet.

More info about each book can be found using the menu.

12 Trumpet Ebooks

More Power - More Range, 30 Minutes A Day to Better Playing, How the Chops Work (Big Book of Chops Pics), Chops Builder, Pros Talk Embouchure, A-Z, FAQ's, Air on the Move, The Next Level, Tongue Arch & Aperture Tunnel, Tension-Less Playing and The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys.

12 Trumpet books (765+ pages and 1 hour 45 minutes of video.) E books
(Excludes New Arban Book)
(all delivered by email links.)

$ 165

Saves 25% off full price.

12 Trumpet Ebooks
$ 165

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