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Get my newest Video Ebook about how different mouthpieces sound.

This Ebook is 10 pages and there are 2 hours and 20 minutes of videos letting you hear several different players showing how changing mouthpieces affects the sound. Learn how to tell when the mouthpiece is too big or too small...

Mouthpiece Choice.

Mouthpiece selection Ebook 10.

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Get both Ebooks "Tensionless Playing" and "The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys" for only 25.

Tension-Less Playing.

New book that teaches you to stop fighting.This book can double your endurance by teaching you how to stop fighting your trumpet and your own face.

The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys.

This is based on the Thermal Imaging / Spectrum Analysis Study that I did this year.

There are 4 major things that actually do work like octave keys for us and this book tells you how to use them. There are 17 pages and 1 hour and 15 minutes of videos showing these things that separate us from the Pros.


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5 Books:
Tensionless Playing, 4 Trumpet Octave Keys,
30 Minutes a Day practice routine, Play the Trumpet Don''t Play With It, and Chops Builder facial exercise book for 50.

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Sale on 1 hour trumpet lesson on skype.


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Back by special request New Arban Book.


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Video showing The New Expanded Range Arban Ebook by Pops and how to use it.

Stay tuned for new specials.